How Does An Inversion Table Help Your Back?

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  • Date: May 17, 2022
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What Are Inversion Tables?

Inversion tables are a relatively new type of wellness product that helps promote spinal health by gently inverting your body. They have been used in the medical profession for decades to help with back pain, but in recent years they have seen a major increase in popularity with everyday people.

How Does An Inversion Table Help Your Back
How Does An Inversion Table Help Your Back

It’s not uncommon to see a professional athlete in the off-season using an inversion table to prepare for their next season.

What is inversion therapy?

Inversion therapy is a safe, effective, and drug-free means of stretching and strengthening the spine, alleviating back pain, boosting athletic performance, and preventing injuries. An inversion table provides the support needed to gently rotate your body from a supine (face up) to an inverted (face down) position.

How does an inversion table help your back

An inversion table is a form of physical therapy that can help ease back pain by:

* Stretching spinal muscles:

The inversion table reverses the gravitational pull on your spine which moves fluid to your discs which are compressed by gravity.

* Reducing sciatica and tension in muscles:

The treatment increases blood flow and can help ease muscle pain or inflammation. Inverting one’s body also massages vertebrae that have been compressing nerves and causing pain.

* Working out ligaments and tendons:

The blood flow to the joints increases which helps restore flexibility in the joints. This can help prevent injury and help repair previous injuries.

* Improving posture:

By inverting the spine, it will lengthen and help strengthen muscles that need it in many cases of slouching and poor posture. This can help improve posture and relieve muscle pain in the back.

* Strengthening muscles:

The inverted position causes gravity to pull on the muscles that are not used to this and cause them to lengthen and strengthen.

* Decreasing pain:

The inverting of the spine can decrease pain because it releases tension from surrounding areas of the body since muscles are not pulling on them so hard.

What are the benefits of inversion therapy?

Inversion therapy is effective for improving a variety of conditions related to low back pain and chronic muscle strain. Inversion tables effectively work on restoring the normal spinal alignment of the spine and can help prevent or reduce pain and stiffness associated with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and other conditions.

Inversion therapy can also be useful for improving circulation to the legs and improving leg strength.

How do I purchase an inversion table?

It’s important to purchase a quality inversion table that is appropriate for your needs. An inversion table that is too advanced could result in serious injury. The price is an important factor to consider, but so is the size and quality of the table so you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

If you’re considering an inversion table, there are quite a few brands to choose from. The following are among the top inversion therapy tables available:

1. Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

Combining a solid steel frame with comfortable self-aligning ankle supports and a padded rest bar, the Teeter Hang Up EP-950 is one of the best inversion table models on the market.

2. Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity 1000 offers everything a person who suffers from back pain or has chronic lower back pain needs to for a relaxing inversion therapy experience. The self-aligning ankle supports provide superior support and comfort on this inversion table model.

3. Flexcare Platinum Pro Inversion Table (6″”)

The Flexcare Platinum Pro is a compact, easy to maneuver inversion table model that provides the user with a comfortable, relaxing experience. The steel frame of this model is built to last for years of reliable use.

4. Atlas Professional Inversion Table

The Atlas Professional is an inversion table model that offers comfort and stability for the user. The self-aligning ankle supports and padded support bar of this inversion table model give the user an incredibly relaxing experience.

5. Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table

The Ironman Gravity 2000 is a top-selling inversion table model because it has everything a person who suffers from back pain or has chronic lower back pain needs to for a relaxing inversion therapy experience.

What are the safety concerns when using an inversion table?

Inversion therapy is a safe form of stretching and strengthening your spine. The table you buy should be sturdy, comfortable, and well-equipped to help you get the most out of your experience.

Always consult with professionals, such as a doctor or physical therapist, before purchasing an inversion therapy table. If you have questions concerning how effective the inversion table is for your back condition, ask them directly before deciding to purchase one.

Where do I find the best deals on inversion therapy tables?

The best inversion tables available are found at reputable physical therapy clinics, sporting goods stores, health, and wellness centers, and online outlets. These outlets will offer you the best pricing on therapeutic products, including those that are used for inversion therapy for back pain. All prices range widely, so it’s up to you to find the best deal on an inversion therapy table.

What are the benefits of buying an inversion table online?

Buying an inversion table online offers multiple benefits. This is especially true if you are buying a product that is large or heavy-duty in size, as shipping may become more expensive than the product itself.

Many online retailers allow you to compare and contrast various brands, styles, and sizes of products before buying one. This can help you choose a product that is right for your needs and budget. The larger selection available online also means you’ll have a greater chance of finding exactly what you want. When shopping for inversion tables, consider the following features:

Size – Consider where you plan to use the table and how many people will use it at once. This will help you determine the size of the table.

Weight Capacity – This is especially important if you plan to purchase an inversion table for pregnant women. Size and weight matter for these customers, so finding a product that can handle their needs is worthwhile.

Construction Material – Lighter products tend to be flimsier and cheaper, but are also more prone to accidents than sturdier products. Solid steel tables are usually less expensive, but provide more durability than their lighter counterparts.

The Cost – It’s easy to find a deal on an inversion table if you shop around, but some tables are overpriced for what you get. Choose a product that is not only affordable but can provide the type of therapy you need for your back conditions.

Quality – If you’re looking to use an inversion table every day, it should be made of high-quality materials and last for years of use. Find out what the return policy is before purchasing to ensure that your investment is protected.


Inversion tables provide an affordable way for you to get the full benefits of stretching your spine and strengthening your back muscles. The right table will help you build stable core strength, prevent further stress and injury to your lower back, and help realign weak spinal discs.

Luckily, there is a wide range of inversion table models available.

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