Can You Crack Your Back On An Inversion Table

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  • Date: June 18, 2022
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Back pain isn’t just a nuisance but a grave health issue, especially if it’s persistent and severe. Most people often experience unending lower back pain and tie that to lifestyle or genetic problems, including arthritis, and rightly so. However, simple practices like poor sitting positions and excessive lower back exercises often put unnecessary pressure on the back, leading to pain. However, inversion therapy can help alleviate the adversity pretty well. But really, can you crack your back on an inversion table?

The Inversion table can help crack your back and relieve back pain. And while cracking may not happen in the first session, it surely will after a few subsequent treatments. However, it should happen under a professional chiropractor’s supervision to weigh out the risks involved and avert them. Remember that the relief can be short-lived and may not come instantly but shows up permanently after a few treatment regimens and consistent follow-ups.

Should You Use an Inversion Table to Crack Your Back?

The inversion table has repeatedly proven that it can be a much-needed back pain treatment. And as such, using it to correct spine issues and alleviate back pain can be your ideal option. Of course, never hesitate to use it, but always ensure that you have someone to lend a hand to prevent overdoing it or causing injury. The gains of using the inversion table to crack your back go beyond pain relief since it also helps with blood circulation.

How to Crack Your Back Using the Inversion Table Safely

Most back pain treatments using the inversion table happen best under a healthcare professional or well-trained chiropractors. Usually, after the inversion, the chiropractor performs minor stretches on your back to impact more relief. However, you can purchase an inversion table to treat yourself at home to crack your back. However, it’s usually recommended that you consult a trained professional to provide information for cracking your back correctly.

If you’re planning on cracking your back at home, ensure that you do it with help, especially if you’re a beginner. Always know the best angles to invert and do it slowly to prevent motion sickness or dizziness. Perhaps later, when you’re used to the process, only minimal help may be necessary. Always strap yourself in to guarantee safety, securing your ankles and shoulders firmly. One to two 5-minute inversion sessions should also be enough in a day.

What Are the Chances of Cracking Your Back on an Inversion Table?

There are no guarantees that you’ll crack your back on an inversion table sooner. However, it does happen with time. Most patients crack their backs in the first few sessions of using the inversion tables but continue with the regimen for more permanent results. But if you don’t, continued treatment will eventually pop your back and give you much-needed relief. You still stand to benefit from using inversion tables apart from cracking your back, so it’s completely worth it.

Do You Get Instant Relief by Cracking Your Back On an Inversion Table?

Cracking your back on an inversion table gives you an instant sense of relief, but most patients claim that it’s usually temporary. However, the treatment brings permanent results in the long run, eradicating recurrent back pain altogether. However, it’d be best to do it correctly to prevent further exacerbation since misusing inversion tables can lead to more injury. If you’re treating yourself at home, the results may take a bit longer compared to when you do it with a professional’s help.

Does Cracking Your Back on an inversion table Help with Back Pain?

Most people misunderstand the reason behind the back cracking, assuming that it’s the retraction of the spinal discs in place. Of course, that’s partly true, but the air encased within usually escapes with a cracking sound, sometimes giving an immediate sense of relief. But will an inversion table pop your back always? Not all inversion table therapies result in cracking sounds in the initial sessions and don’t imply that the treatment isn’t successful. Late cracking can happen, which heralds the treatment’s long-awaited success.

What Are the Risks and Possible Side Effects of Using Inversion Tables to Crack Your Back?

Beginners usually experience dizziness, especially when they invert at a full angle. That’s generally due to the heartbeat slowing down and the blood pressure rising, but it shouldn’t be concerning. However, avoid using inversion tables if you have a history of glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease, or eye and ear problems. Pregnant women and people suffering from strokes should keep away to prevent any likely complications.

Inversion tables can also intensify existing lower leg pain, including the knee and ankle. Hence, it’s prudent to get prior joint assessments before subscribing to the treatment. In some cases, inversion tables can be the genesis of long-term knee and ankle joint issues, so it helps approach the therapy with utter caution. If you have any of these conditions, you can still use other ways to crack your back apart from inversion tables.

What Doctors Say About Cracking Your Back on an Inversion Table

Chiropractors recommend using the inversion table when surgery isn’t entirely necessary. Since the treatment helps decompress the spine and expel the gases within, it relieves patients of the pain resulting from the pressure. Before subscribing to the regimen, constantly assess the pain’s condition, injury, or circumstances. Besides, doctors and chiropractors suggest using inversion tables with professional help to ensure you make well-informed decisions.

Bottom Line

Inversion tables can crack your back and sometimes give instant relief, although it’s usually for a short period in the initial sessions. However, prolonged treatment helps bring in more permanent results and proper healing. Sometimes, cracking doesn’t happen instantly, but it sure will if you don’t quit. Once it does, it relieves the pressure, decompressing the spine and allowing the trapped air to escape for some relief.

Always consult your doctor or health care provider before opting in for the treatment and get acquainted with how best to use inversion tables for home treatments. Nevertheless, you can prevent back pain through a better lifestyle and perhaps avoid the constant trips to the chiropractor.


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