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There are times when a person has back problems, and surgery seems to be the only way to solve it. The tendency is to postpone the operation until it can’t be delayed anymore because the back problems have worsened.

Back Pain Relief Through A Chair

Do you know that there is a viable and realistic solution to back problems other than surgery? Introducing the inversion chair for back pain.

There are countless inversion chair benefits, but what comes to mind immediately is it helps reduce your pain by defying gravity. You make use of your own body weight to lengthen, decompress and strengthen your spine.

The ideal inversion chair should be designed that getting on and off it should be easy for you, especially if you have limited mobility. Your degree of inversion should be conveniently controlled by you, the user, as you adjust the strap that is located somewhere on the seat so that you always stay well within your comfort zone as you go about your inversion program.

The Stamina Products Inc. InLline Chair for one, has a nylon inversion angle adjustment strap below the seat that makes sure you are comfortable strapped during your inversion.

It also has cushioned upholstery and padded handlebars to make the sitting and maneuvering actions on the chair as enjoyable and as safe as possible.

This Stamina branded chair also has a push button ratcheting leg lock system that has foam padded supports that secures your lower calf and ankle. In effect, this locking device holds your body weight. Plus there is a lap belt which further affirms your safety.

The body is made of heavy duty steel, and to prevent the chair from moving, it has below skid resistant floor protectors made of rubber which prevents the chair from moving.

Inversion Chair Starting Position
Inversion Chair Starting Position

The Chair Is Simpler But Effective

People have bought inversion chairs because they think it is easier to use than inversion tables. For one, your distance from the floor when inverting, would be much nearer when using the former as compared to when using the latter.

When you purchase an inversion chair, you will discover that it’s not that difficult to assemble because it has fewer parts to put together compared to an inversion table. Within minutes of assembly, you will already be using it and reaping the benefits of it stretching and decompressing your spine, thereby making your back feel much better.

Inversion Chair Front View
Inversion Chair Front View

Just go slow with increasing the angle of inversion according to your level of comfort. Your body will adjust accordingly its threshold level on how much angle of inversion it can take, and you’ll know when to adjust it to a higher level of difficulty.

After a few weeks of using the chair, you and your back will feel much better and you will be looking forward to your inversion sessions because you’re enjoying them.

In due time, you will also be recommending this chair to your loved ones, friends and colleagues who have been suffering from back pain and back problems. They might not have heard about the benefits of this wonderful quality of life changing device.

Inversion Chair Features
Inversion Chair Features

Difference Between Inversion Tables And Chairs

In old times, people availed of inversion therapy my simply hanging themselves upside down on a ladder and being attached to ropes to hold them safely from falling.

But as inversion therapy evolved, medical science has invented different devices which better execute the objective of rehabilitation back pain and injuries.

The first device to be conceptualized was the inversion table. The basic concept of using it consists of standing on the table’s footrest with the rest of your body lying on the table body itself.

Your ankles should be strapped at the footrest so that your body weight shifts towards the table gradually until you are suspended in a vertical angle position that you are comfortable with.

Inversion Chair In Use
Inversion Chair In Use

In effect, your body weight will be dependent on your ankles, knees and feet because these will be the parts that will be moving during inversion.

But some inversion table users complained of pain in their ankles, feet neck and hips because of the strain placed on these body parts. Those also with existing arthritis and joint pain also complained of added inconvenience.

This common complaint led to the development of the inversion chair. The chair just simply provides traction to the spine and does not bother the joints. The chair is better suited for less athletic and senior users.

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