Ironman Inversion Table

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This device, when used regularly, reduces your back pain. This kind of physiological disturbance disrupts our everyday routine when we feel the torturous pain. Our productivity is greatly reduced. So, the inversion table, in terms of value, gives us net productivity.

The use of the right inversion table also greatly improves your spinal health because the exercises done on it helps create more protective fluid around your spinal discs, thereby removing waste from your spine, decrease inflammation, and increase blood circulation throughout the surrounding muscles.

There have also been some instances when a patient has been scheduled for back surgery, but it was cancelled because the inversion table exercise therapy routines reduced compression. But the physician will always have the final say.


Ironman Inversion Tables

The bestselling Ironman brand of inversion tables are popular choices when people with back and spine problems come looking for one. They are usually preferred due to their large and wide backrests and also their strong weight capacities. They also have high quality design with a focus on their scientific based capabilities and they are also offered at fair prices.

One such Ironman inversion table that stands out is the Gravity 4000 which has a high 350 pounds weight capacity. It is an excellent choice for anyone up to 350 pounds and also for users with up to 6 foot 6 inches in height. It also has a wide memory foam padded backrest which gives you great comfort and support while using it, no matter what your body type is. The Gravity 4000 offers a full 180-degree inversion range which you can adjust to your comfort level.

It also has an extended ankle lock handle feature which reduces the distance that you have to reach down to lock and to release the ankle holders. This results in less strain that is imposed on your lower back.

When you are not using the Ironman Gravity 4000, you can save on space because you can fold the table down to a minimal space footprint inside your home or office.

People also say that the Ironman 4000 gives them extremely good value for their money because its features cannot be found in the inversion tables of the competition in the same bracket range.

Combine the inversion therapy workouts that you do on your Ironman 4000 together with some core strengthening ab workouts and your body will heal in due time naturally.

Ironman Inversion Table
Ironman Inversion Table

History Of Inversion Tables

Inversion tables were not invented until much later, but there is documented history that Hippocrates, who is considered the Father of Medicine, was already using the principles of inversion therapy in 400 BC.

He stretched patients for therapeutic value, but he did it in a rather crude way, given the facilities that were available then. He hanged the patients upside down on ladders using ropes. Hippocrates wanted to address the beneficial effects of gravity on the human body.

Now, we zoom forward to the 1960s when Dr. Robert Martin, who was a medical doctor, an osteopath and a chiropractor, made a study about The Gravity Guidance System. He explained and performed that gravity can be used as a natural tool to stretch and decompress the spine of the human body.

During those years, Dr. Martin made use of gravity boots and a metal bar that is wedged in a door frame to be able to attain his objectives.

In the 1970s, it was the turn of his son, Dr. Robert Martin Jr. to publish a book about inversion therapy. This made inversion therapy very popular with the public, so he established a company called Gravity Guidance, but its focus was on promoting gravity boots.

In the 1980s, it was the time when other companies took the lead in inventing their own inversion tables.


Before Using Inversion Tables

If you have some medical conditions, you should consult with your physician before using the Ironman inversion table. This kind of therapy has been used for decades and there is no hard and fast list of contraindications that will disapprove of the benefits of the inversion table. But it is best that your medical conditions are worked out before using the highly effective Ironman inversion table.

Do you have a history of high blood pressure, or have you experienced a stroke? Do you have a fused vertebrae or do you have a history of spinal surgery? Are you extremely obese? Are you into a stage of pregnancy? Do you have a history of detached retinas?

Depending on your medical condition, your physician will adjust accordingly on how you use the Ironman inversion table. But the philosophy here is to use the Ironman inversion table safely and wisely. It will not have a negative impact when used properly and because it is not an invasive procedure.

Overall, people who use the Ironman inversion table at home or at their office say they feel lesser back pain and have been infused with more energy after doing the inverting process.

Benefits Of Ironman Inversion Tables
Benefits Of Ironman Inversion Tables

Enjoy The Benefits Of Ironman Inversion Tables

All day long, we are walking, running, stooping, lifting something, driving, pushing or pulling and doing everything else so that we can accomplish our activities for the day. All these create stress on our spine and back. This is the very reason why purchasing an Ironman Inversion Table is a great idea because the exercises done on it decompresses your spine by taking the pressure off of the disks by using gravity.

Inverting also creates optimal spacing between your facet joints which permits for maximum blood flow. Nutrients are brought to the spine and maintains its health.

The inversion process also relieves pressure on your nerves and releases muscle tension, and finally, helps realign your spine.

Choose from the whole range of Ironman Inversion tables and discover what works best for you! You can order online or through your favorite equipment reseller.

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