Will An Inversion Table Straighten My Spine?

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Will an Inversion Table straighten my spine? It is a common question asked by millions of patients suffering from Scoliosis and other spinal disorders. Scoliosis is a painful curvature of the spine, that brings discomfort to those who are living with the condition.

It is often a result of lifting heavy objects and excessive bending over a long period of time. Read on in this article to see how an Inversion Table can help improve a curved spine.

Will An Inversion Table Straighten My Spine?
Will An Inversion Table Straighten My Spine?

Lifting Heavy Objects

A person who is constantly lifting heavy objects like movers and other professions, may have to suffer the consequences of back pain and a curved spine. Your spinal chord is an important part of your body that helps your body with movements like bending, lifting and moving in different directions.

Your spinal chord has vertebrae discs that are compressed together to help with movement. Once you have continuously put pressure and stress on your spine, it will begin to bend or curve because it has had to handle too much weight. A curved spine is often diagnosed as Scoliosis or some other spinal disorder. Some individuals with back issues sometimes ask are inversion tables good for scoliosis.

Using an Inversion Table on a daily basis for up to 2 minutes for 2 times each day will help to diminish the pressure on your vertebrae discs and spinal chord. The table helps to reshape your spine and return it to its original straight position.

Excessive Bending

Excessive bending is another reason a person will have a curved spine. The bending motion requires your entire spine to work. An overworked spinal chord will eventually curve from having to work so hard. The constant up and down motion that comes with bending will cause added pressure on your spinal chord and back. Over time, the curve in your spine becomes more noticeable and without medical attention can lead to permanent damage to your body.

The Inversion Table will relieve this pressure on your curved spine, vertebrae discs and back. It will help to reshape your spine and help it return to its normal position. This relieves the pressure on your spine and significantly reduces the pain in your back.


You may have a curved spine because of your predisposition or family history for the condition. If you are lifting heavy objects and bending often, over the years the genetics will catch up with your spine and you, causing it to curve under the weight and pressure of the things you do on a daily basis.

Doing exercises on your Inversion Table for 2 times each day for 1 – 2 minutes will help to return your curved spine to its normal shape. The table can create a stronger, healthier spinal chord that will help you become more mobile, agile, and flexible, while making you more productive throughout your day.

Athletes Use The Inversion Table For Spinal Chord Injuries

Athletes use The Inversion Table as a part of their rehabilitation training after getting an injury in the game. Many athletes in football or sports that have excessive and harsh contact will find themselves with constant pressure on their spinal chord area.

An Inversion Table is a part of their daily regimen to help with relieving the pressure and stress on their spine that comes with being an athlete who is constantly being hit in the spine by others.

Spinal Chord Injury Patients Use The Inversion Table For Rehabilitation

Spinal chord injury patients use Inversion Tables as a part of their rehabilitation training. These patients have some of the most devastating spinal chord injuries of anyone. The table helps in relieving the pressure from their spine, while helping them to walk again and live a quality life.

Physical Therapists Use The Inversion Table on Spinal Patients

Physical Therapists use Inversion Tables for their patients who are having difficulty with their spine and having trouble with mobility, agility and flexibility. Physical Therapists understand the importance of having a strong and healthy spine for the body. They also know that added stress to the spine can be devastating to a healthy body.

The Theory Behind The Inversion Table

The theory behind The Inversion Table is that by suspending your body, you are able to take pressure off your bones, joints, and vertebrae discs in the low back, while creating traction in your body. By separating discs and joint spaces in your spine, it is theorized that you can take the pressure off spinal nerves and relax muscles. As the vertebrae discs relax, the spine decompresses and straightens to its original state.

These are some need to know answers about if an Inversion Table can straighten your spine.? The short answer to this question is yes, an Inversion Table can help to reshape your spine into its straightened shape.

More Tips On Better Spine Health

Remember to exercise 30 minutes each day to stay mobile. Do not lift heavy objects or excessively bend to avoid irritating or aggravating your spinal area.

More Tips On Better Spine Health
More Tips On Better Spine Health

Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body. It helps to support your neck, back and other parts of your body. It helps with movement and flexibility and consists of nerves that carry messages from the brain to other parts of your body. Your spinal chord is a fragile tube that begins at the end of the stem of the brain and goes to the bottom portion of the spine.

The fragility of your spinal chord means that it can be easily damaged if it is overworked. This means that the messages from your brain to other parts of the body will be interrupted, and leave you confused and your body not functioning as it should.

In order to take care of your spinal chord, have others to lift heavy objects instead of you lifting the objects. Move at a rate that is comfortable for you. Walk, run and do physical activity in moderation according to your skill level and ability.

Get the recommended amount of sleep daily, when asking can you sleep on an inversion table, and keep stress and anxiety levels in your life low by not worrying about unnecessary issues in your life.

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