How Much Does An Inversion Table Cost?

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When seeking a cost-effective remedy to back pain, an inversion table is an excellent option. Inversion tables range in price from as little as $90 to as much as $450. There is a big difference in the price of inversion tables depending on the quality of the product and the brand that is made. But bear in mind that when it comes to your health, you should never compromise on quality.

Using an inversion table, you can invert your body and rest your back while also decompressing your spine. The table is large enough to accommodate the user’s entire body. Both the headrest and the backrest are cushioned and padded for maximum comfort.

How Much Does An Inversion Table Cost
How Much Does An Inversion Table Cost

The ankle and knees are also supported by this footwear. Weight capacity ranges from 300 to 350 pounds for most inversion tables currently on the market; they can also be used by people who are 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. Quality inversion tables are made by companies like Teeter, Ironman, and Innova.

The cost of the inversion table

When it comes to inversion tables, there are only two price ranges to choose from: low-cost and high-cost. It’s worth noting, though, that these tables can cost anywhere from $90 to $450.

Low-cost inversion table

When it comes to your health, you should never compromise on product quality. Even when looking to purchase a cheap inversion table, the same adage applies. It is a non-medical method of relieving back pain, which is why you would need an inversion table.

A cheap table is only going to add to your pain if you choose to use one. Because of their low price, low-quality inversion tables are composed of materials that won’t last long. In addition, they are prone to damage and breakage due to their shoddy construction. Table padding and cushioning are essential, and they can’t be provided by a low-priced table.

In some cases, the table can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, but in reality, it doesn’t work well after it has done so. An inexpensive inversion table costs between $90 and $160. Even though you can obtain an inversion table for a low price and still expect to receive the desired results, that table is not worth your time or money.

Expensive inversion table

It’s best to focus on the quality of the product rather than the price when purchasing an inversion table for your specific needs. Higher-end inversion tables have better construction and will last longer than their less expensive counterparts.

Your back discomfort can be improved by using a table with sufficient padding and cushioning on the table’s head and backrest. A high-quality inversion table, not a cheap one, can provide you with these benefits. However, only a high-quality inversion table can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

A pricey inversion table with the high-quality build quality and other features that can alleviate your back discomfort would set you back between $200 and $450.

Different levels of defining the amount of inversion table


An entry-level inversion table typically costs between $90 and $150, depending on the brand. What to expect on an inversion table

Low-cost inversion tables are exactly what they claim to be: Holding your ankles and flipping you upside down. Feature of the entry level of an inversion table

• Length can be adjusted

• The backrest is padded.

• Rotation can be fine-tuned in increments.

• Straps for the ankles

• It’s not uncommon for construction projects to go wrong. The more expensive end of the spectrum is likely to be superior.

• The design isn’t the best.

• Assembling may be a challenge.

To be safe, avoid the cheapest options because their flaws are more likely to outweigh their benefits. It’s not always easy to put things together and to make sure they’ll last. There is no need to go over $120 if you are looking for something that will last you for many years.

Something that doesn’t feel secure makes you feel insecure. Using a product that makes you feel unsafe is likely to make you less likely to do so. Consistent use of an inversion table is a must for everyone who wants to be successful.


About $150 to $300 is the price range for a mid-level inversion table. In return for that more cash, what can you expect?

In return for that more cash, what can you expect?

• A more solid framework.

• More comfortable ankle straps

• Many types have a heating and massaging feature.

• The rotation is more fluid, making it feel more secure.

• improved precision and quality control

In the grand scheme of things, you’re getting incremental upgrades over the entry-level models. If you insist on having the ability to heat or massage, then go ahead and get it. Another important advantage is a sturdier construction, which is likely to be similar to the upper end of the entry-level.

High end

It’s not uncommon to see high-end inversion tables for sale for upwards of $900. There are just two tables in this price range, and they’re both quite rare. Only $539 separates it from the most costly one, but it’s still a lot of money. So, what makes a high-end model better than a mid-range one?

A better standard of living. As a result of this, the structure is stronger and the rotation is smoother (which makes it easier to hang upside down).

Possibly more weight capacity is possible. The only model in this price range that can carry more than 600 lbs. is in this category.

• A more effective layout. The value of a person’s attractiveness can be measured.

• A higher level of quality. Although these tables are more expensive, the companies that offer them typically provide greater after-sales support and warranties.

• Improved traction thanks to a redesigned backrest.

• It’s easier to store because of better packing.

• Adaptability is a breeze.

• Improved support for the ankles.

• Improved stability allows you to fine-tune your rotational speed and distance.

A high-end model has a lot more to offer than a lower-end one. In this price range, most models do not include heat and/or massage functions.

Would Purchasing an Inversion Table Be Worth My While?

Inversion tables in the upper entry-level or lower mid-range price range ($120 – $180) are ideal for the majority of people. If you pay that much, you should be able to get a solid model with a good backrest and rotation that can be adjusted incrementally. For most people, that’s all they’ll ever need.

Spending a little more on a table that has both heat and massage capabilities is a wise decision for those seeking such a device. That functionality is available for between $180 and $250. Improved ankle straps and a smoother rotation will also improve your comfort a little bit.

To get the best, you’ll need to spend between $400 and $600. Compared to the standard padded seats, these models have better backrests that are capable of providing additional stability. The FDA registration of some devices may be the most significant distinction at this pricing point.

Your insurance company might consider this if it gives you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly. Additionally, you may be looking for something with a weight capacity of 350 pounds or more. This is the only option that has a 600 lb. load capacity.

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