Are Inversion Tables Good For Scoliosis?

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  • Date: May 17, 2022
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Scoliosis is the excessive curvature or bending of your spinal chord. The problem is often caused by carrying heavy objects or excessive bending. Scoliosis is a condition that millions of people have and is something that is not caused overnight.

Over long periods of time of putting added pressure on the vertebrae discs in your spinal chord, your spine begins to curve due to the excess weight that it has had to endure over many years.

Read on in this article to discover are Inversion Tables good for Scoliosis?

Are Inversion Tables Good For Scoliosis
Are Inversion Tables Good For Scoliosis

How Does the Inversion Table Help Scoliosis Patients?

The Inversion Table helps Scoliosis patients reconstruct their bodies in a dynamic way. Patients receive relaxation techniques by exercising on the Inversion Table. The table stretches your body with the upside down motion, which adds relief to your curved spine.

The upside down motion also helps to reshape your spine and return it back to its original shape. By reshaping the spine, the Inversion Table helps Scoliosis patients with breathing disorders that are caused when air cannot adequately get through your body because of your curved spine.

Benefits of the Inversion Table on Scoliosis Patients

There are many benefits that Scoliosis patients can get out of using an Inversion Table daily to exercise and stretch their spine. A strong healthy spine is important to leading the best quality of life possible. The benefits of using The Inversion Table daily include: stretches the spine, improves breathing, decreases back pain, lowers high blood pressure and decreases stress and anxiety.

Stretches the Spine

Anything that stretches a curved spine has got to be a good thing. The Inversion Table stretches your spine as you begin to reshape your spine and the form of your entire body. A stretched spine means that you are exercising your body in a way that will add value to your overall quality of life.

Improves Breathing

A strong, straight and healthy spine means improved breathing. The air flow in your body is better and you are able to dismiss breathing problems that may require an inhaler or another type of breathing apparatus. The Inversion Table will improve your breathing disorder that has occurred in your body because of your curved spine.

Decreases Back Pain

Scoliosis can be quite painful in your back area and very uncomfortable. Easing back pain is a part of your daily regimen that you would love to get under control. The Inversion Table significantly eases your back pain as the table works to reshape your spine and return it to its natural form,. When the curve in your spine is repaired, your body can function the way it should. which means less back pain in your body.

inversion table exercises for scoliosis
inversion table exercises for scoliosis

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Anything that keeps the body functioning normally and lowers your high blood pressure, has got to be good for your body and you. The Inversion Table helps to relieve pressure on your spine, relaxes your vertebrae discs and helps to keep chronic diseases like high blood pressure at bay. Experts have said that high blood pressure in your body over long periods of time can lead to other serious illnesses and even death.

Decreases Stress and Anxiety

The Inversion Table helps to decrease stress and anxiety in your body by decompressing your spine and helping your vertebrae discs to relax. Stress is one of the leading causes of death around the world and has become increasingly more of a crisis to every day people walking around doing chores, working at their jobs or going to school.

Stress is called the silent killer because it slowly creeps into your body and destroys everything in its path. Vital organs like your heart, and lungs become weakened and allows chronic diseases to slowly enter in your body.

Relieves Pressure on Your Joints

Scoliosis patients have chronic issues with joint pain because of the extreme pressure placed on their joints. The Inversion Table helps to relieve this pressure and thereby helps to improve joint pain. As your spine begins to repair and reshape into its normal form, your bones become healthier and stronger, your cartilage is better able to protect your joints. and your joint pain is significantly reduced.

Strengthens Weakened Muscles

Scoliosis patients also have trouble with weakened muscles because of their curved spine. Overworked muscles that are constantly trying to hold up your spine and back, become weakened over time. They are simply crying out for help with holding up your spine and back because the pressure is too great for them to continue to carry.

The Inversion Table helps to relieve this pressure and helps to reshape the spine of a person with Scoliosis. As the spine straightens and is reshaped to its natural form, so is your back, which means that your muscles do not have to work so hard and can return to being strong again.

The short answer to this question is yes, Inversion Tables are good for people with Scoliosis. There are millions of people with Scoliosis who wish they could find a cure to get rid of their painful and uncomfortable condition Working and exercising using The Inversion Table could be the answer to their prayers for relief of pain from their bodies.

Scoliosis Does Not Have To Be A Long Term Or Permanent Problem

Most people with Scoliosis are already preparing their minds to deal with it and make it a part of their lives. However, use of The Inversion Table can significantly decrease the pain that comes from having Scoliosis. The table can return your spine back to its normal state again and give you a reason to smile in the morning.

As always, speak with a board certified doctor before beginning any healthcare regimen. He will discuss The Inversion Table Therapy and determine if it is a good fit you. Won’t it be great to see your body coming back to its original natural form and becoming strong again? Scoliosis patients have hope with continued use of The Inversion Table.

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