What Are the Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy?

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  • Date: November 9, 2022
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There are millions of people with back and neck pain issues who have all of the problems that come with it. Back and neck pain are often symptoms of an underlying issue that needs to be immediately addressed with forms of treatment like Inversion Table Therapy. What is Inversion Table Therapy and what does an inversion table do for your body? Read on in this article to discover about this therapy and what are Inversion Table benefits Therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy
What Are the Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

What is Inversion Table Therapy?

Inversion Table Therapy is also commonly called spinal traction. Inversion tables allow you to strap yourself onto a table and tile backward at an angle or go completely upside down. Experts say that hanging upside down will take the pressure off your spine, while giving the disks between the vertebrae room to relax. Your vertebrae has disks that are compacted together so tightly that it impacts your spinal area. This tightness in the vertebrae will often lead to back and neck pain which can last for long periods of time.

Significantly Decreases the Need for Back Pain Surgery

In most cases of severe back and neck pain, doctors will recommend back surgery. However, these types of surgeries will often lead to long periods of bed rest and inactivity. Surgery is also very expensive and will weigh on your wallet. The Inversion Table Therapy uses varying exercises that will help relieve the pressure from your spine and allow you to have a pain free life.

Repairs Herniated Disks

Herniated Discs occur in your body when the vertebrae discs are under so much pressure that they bulge out from your spinal chord. It can be very painful to have herniated discs and very uncomfortable. Herniated Disks are often the result of lifting heavy objects or doing a lot of excessive bending. The Inversion Table allows you to take the pressure off of these vertebrae discs and return the discs to their normal and rightful position in the spine. which stops your back and neck from hurting .

Decreases Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain comes from pain in your hip region. The pain often comes when you have been sitting in one position for long periods of time. Your nerves become compressed and are so tight, that it leads to pain in your legs and other parts of your body.

Illustration Of The Sciatic Nerve
Illustration Of The Sciatic Nerve

The Inversion Table decompresses your spine and allows the areas to relax. Once the stress and pressure are off your spinal area, your body can return to normal and significantly decrease your pain.

Decreases Osteoarthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis pain comes from the degeneration of your bones and cartilage. The condition is often found in people who are in their middle ages and beyond. The Inversion Table allows you to exercise your body in a way that will significantly decrease this degeneration and leave your bones and joints stronger. The table also does not worsen your condition, which is a plus side for the Inversion Table.

Reduces Back Pain

In most cases, back pain occurs when the backbone and spine bulge outwards from your body. Back pain often comes from excessive lifting and bending of your body. The Inversion Table allows you to exercise and change the shape of your back to its original position when it did not have the bulge. This relieves pressure from your back and spine, which sharply reduces back pain.

Back Pain
Back Pain

Corrects Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where your spine is abnormally curved in the body. Excessive lifting of heavy objects and bending will often lead to this condition in your body. Exercising on your Inversion Table can help return the spine to its original shape, relieve the pressure on your spinal chord area. and correct the scoliosis in your body.

Eases Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition that is characterized by undue pressure and stiffness in your joints and musculoskeletal muscles. The condition is often a result of someone who is under tremendous stress. The Inversion Table allows you to exercise daily and relieve the stress and stiffness, thereby relieving Fibromyalgia in your body. The table also supports and boosts your endocrine glands, which are also reasons you may have the condition.

Relieves Pressure in Your Joints

Sitting for long periods of time and lack of exercise can cause a buildup of pressure and stress on your joints. The Inversion Table allows you to exercise daily and relieve this pressure. Joint pressure can often leave a person weak and fatigue and unable to walk, bend or have mobility and flexibility.

Significantly Decreases the Severity of Headaches

Severe headaches may be the result of excessive pressure on the spinal area, lack of circulation in the blood or a myriad of things. The Inversion Table allows you to exercise daily and decrease pressure on your spine, improves circulation of your blood, decreases muscle spasms, relaxes the muscles of your face and neck and decreases your level of stress.

Improves Poor Posture

Poor posture in your body can lead to many issues that need to be immediately addressed. Poor posture leads to the misalignment of your spinal area, stiffness, back pain, neck pain, decompression of your spine that will bend your back and other issues. The Inversion Table can drastically reduce the pressure on your spine and helps you eliminate poor posture from your life. Improving poor posture is probably one of the most significant things that the table can help you do.

Improve Posture
Improve Posture

Now that you are more familiar with Inversion Table Therapy and are a back pain sufferer, you may want to get this table to help you with your spinal chord issues. The benefits of having an inversion table include: significantly decreases the need for back pain surgery, repairs herniated Discs, decreases sciatic nerve pain, decreases osteoarthritis pain, reduces back pain, corrects Scoliosis, eases Fibromyalgia, relieves joint pressure, decreases the severity of headaches and improves poor posture. The Inversion Table is an inexpensive way to live the life you deserve to live, which is free of back pain, neck pain, stiffness, unable to walk or be mobile and bend over. Get a higher quality of life with the Inversion Table Therapy method.

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