Will An Inversion Table Help a Bulging Disc?

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  • Date: May 17, 2022
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Bulging discs from your spine come with extreme amounts of pain to your body. The condition is often caused by heavy lifting of objects on a consistent basis and excessive bending. Your spinal area has vertebrae discs that are compressed together to form your spine.

These discs are often under so much pressure from the work that you put on them during the day, that they begin to get of position on your spine and bulge into your skin.

Will An Inversion Table Help a Bulging Disc
Will An Inversion Table Help a Bulging Disc

Once these discs are out of their normal positions on the spinal chord, excessive pressure is put on your spine and the pain in your body begins. Will an inversion table help a bulging disc? Read on to discover how this incredible table helps with your bulging disc condition.

Reduces Pressure On the Vertebrae Discs

One of the main reasons for bulging discs is the pressure on the vertebrae discs in your spinal chord. The discs are under so much pressure that they pop out or get out of position on your spine. The Inversion Table relieves this pressure on the vertebrae discs and allows them to return to normal and get back into their original positions on your spinal chord, thereby relieving the pressure that is causing you pain.

Improves Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation also leads to pressure on your spinal chord that can lead to bulging discs. The Inversion Table improves blood circulation by relieving the pressure on your spinal chord. allowing your body to function normally as it should. With improved blood circulation, your blood can flow to your heart and other vital organs in your body.

Stretches the Spine

The Inversion Table stretches your spine, while relieving the pressure on your vertebrae discs. This stretching is done when you are strapped onto the table and swing in a motion that will leave you at an angle or completely upside down. The vertebrae discs are able to decompress and relax which means a more normal and stretched spinal chord.

Improves Physical Activity

Our bodies were created for movement and not to sit for long periods of time. The Inversion Table allows you to stretch your entire body, including your neck, back, legs, arms and other parts of your body. This stretching motion decompresses your spine and your entire body to help you relax, which means that you can function as you should without all of the pain and fatigue that comes from a weakened body.

Relaxes Your Spinal Area

The Inversion Table relaxes your spinal area so that you are not feeling the pain from an overworked spinal chord. When we bend and move all day long, we are getting our workout. However, our workout is also putting a lot of pressure on our spinal area.

The table helps to relax your spinal area and helps you to feel strong again. You will be more productive when your spine is stronger and you are able to be more mobile and flexible with ease.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Bulging discs are often a sign of extreme pressure being put on your vertebrae discs. And pressure means someone who is dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. The Inversion Table can help with decompressing your vertebrae discs and take away the stress and anxiety from your body.

Experts say that having long term stress and anxiety can lead to increased heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other chronic diseases.

What Inversion Table Therapy Can Do For Bulging Discs

Bulging discs are a sign that pressure is being put on your body and that you need to take care of you in a better way than you have been doing before. Everyone has a busy life that puts pressures and demands on high alert.

What Inversion Table Therapy Can Do For Bulging Discs
What Inversion Table Therapy Can Do For Bulging Discs

Bulging discs require the attention of a trained doctor to see the source of the condition and how it can be treated. Ask your doctor about the Inversion Table therapy to see if it is a good fit for you.

There are millions of people who are using this therapy who say that it has significantly changed their lifestyle and quality of life. The Inversion Table therapy allows you to exercise, improve mobility and agility, become more flexible and improve circulation of blood, bones, joints and muscles in your body.

The short answer to this question is yes, an Inversion Table will help bulging discs in your body. No one wants to live with pain and chronic diseases forever. The Inversion Table relaxes your body, relieves stress and anxiety, and decompresses the vertebrae discs in your spinal chord so that they can relax and return to their normal position in your spine. There is no greater feeling than knowing your spine is strong and healthy

Find time to relax your body by sitting up straight in a chair for periods of time during the day. This will help you to improve your posture as well as relieve the pressure on your vertebrae discs. Remember that these discs are there to help you move around throughout the day to get much needed chores done around the house and outdoors. .

Exercise should be a key factor in your daily life

Physical activity done for 30 minutes each day will greatly improve the mobility, agility and flexibility in your body. You may want to go bike riding one day, go to the gym to do cardiovascular exercises another day, go walking in the park or go swimming in a nearby community pool.

A variety of exercises will add more versatility to your day and help keep you interested in wanting to stay mobile. Exercise will relieve pressure and keep the dreaded bulging disc syndrome at bay.

As you grow more comfortable with your daily exercising, you may want to add yoga to help with relieving stress and anxiety from your life. Experts say that eating a good breakfast and getting daily exercise is the best way to live a healthy and stress free life.

Begin today by getting off your couch, or sitting in front of your computer all day to get in your daily physical activity that will keep your spinal vertebrae discs healthy, strong and functioning as they should.

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