How often should you use an inversion table?

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When thinking about how often should you use an inversion table, you should limit your inversion table sessions to a maximum of of five minutes, twice per day. Tip the inversion table up slowly. Once you are done, come back up slowly to an upright position. If you jerk up too rapidly, there may be a chance that you will trigger muscle spasms or precipitate disk pain in your back.

How often should you use an inversion table
How often should you use an inversion table?

What matters in inversion is not the duration but frequency. Therefore, how often a person should use an inversion table is dependent on various factors.

But it is recommended to regularly invert with an inversion table two times in a day. It can be in the morning or even when retiring to bed. Those working out can integrate an inversion table in a gym into their fitness routine, to help recover from the high-impact compressor and rotational exercises.

Doctors often approve the use of inversion therapy for patients suffering from spinal stenosis and back pains. Gravitational traction is used in gravitational therapy to ease or alleviate spinal stenosis problems. In this therapy, a doctor or therapist puts gravitational pressure on the patient’s nerve roots leading to shooting pains in the back.

Spinal Stenosis
Spinal Stenosis


This therapy minimizes the pressure between a patient’s vertebrae and nerve roots, bringing some relief. Patients with spinal stenosis tip backward on the table while holding their feet in the air to allow space. According to most studies, this therapy is ideal for treating most disorders, including back pains. But do you know how often it is recommended to use a gravitational table? Check out this article for more information.

What is inversion therapy?

It is important to understand various aspects of the topic before getting to the point on how often you should use your inversion table. Also known as spinal traction, inversion therapy is a kind of therapy that puts a person in an upside-down posture. This therapy assumes that when a person assumes this posture, gravity pressure on spinal discs and es eases.

Moreover, the therapy creates extra space between a patient’s vertebrae smashed together. Patients have their heads suspended down during this therapy session, stretching the spine and alleviating back pain. The shift in gravity brings ease to the back pressure.

Individuals who benefit from inversion

The table gravitational therapy often benefits torrent people like those with

  • Scoliosis
  • With poor blood circulation
  • Suffer from chronic pain
  • Have issues with sciatica

This table inversion therapy has proven to be ideal in relieving back pain, increasing flexibility, minimizing the need for surgical surgery, and increasing spinal health. How often a person is supposed to use a gravitational table varies from one person to another because people are different, and their bodies are unique.

How inversion therapy works

Not everybody finds this therapy workable. Some say that it offers short-term relief from sciatica or lower back pain. According to a report from a study conducted in England in 2012, physical therapy and inversion are effective in treating sciatica pain.

Moreover, research indicates that converting might be helpful for people with painful kidney stones. In addition, employed with diuresis, it eliminates stones. Since there are various conditions that his therapy can help treat, how often to use a conversion table depends on the severity of the condition and the condition itself.  You should ask can you crack your back on an Inversion Table.

How long should one invert

For patients using the table gravitational therapy at home with no expert supervision, sticking to a strict schedule and timeline is advisable. If you are already conversant with using the table, you can start using it every day for one to two minutes. But if you feel comfy even when you have not reached a one-minute mark, it is advisable to stop it. Remember that what matters in this therapy is the regularity of this exercise and not the duration.

It is important to listen to your body and not to strain. Give it time because the body will adapt to the session with time. Therefore, you can decide to increase it to five minutes in every session. Since there is no specific time for using an inversion table, always listen to your body. Moreover, keep in mind that the inversion therapy should not be so strenuous but rather relaxing.


Inversion tables play an important role in alleviating pain in back pain. They can help the body’s circulatory system and even release stress. However, if you plan to use this table at home, ensure you buy your inversion table from a reputable seller . How often you use them will depend on you as a user. But if you are capable, you can use it at least twice a day for better results while listening to your body not to strain it.

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