Are Inversion Tables Safe for Seniors?

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  • Date: May 17, 2022
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Over 50 million people or 16% of the United States population are considered to be senior citizens. Seniors are the population that are 65 years of age or older. Florida and Maine have the most senior citizens while the state of Utah has the lowest percentage of senior citizens.

The senior citizen population is more fragile, requiring more care than other populations. They are at risk for more health issues that include: strokes, heart disease, mobility issues, glaucoma and other chronic conditions. Many of these seniors have more stress in their lives which can worsen these conditions.

Are Inversion Tables Safe for Seniors
Are Inversion Tables Safe for Seniors

How can seniors relieve their stress and begin to live a higher quality of life? The Inversion Table is one therapy that can help. Are Inversion Tables safe for seniors? Read on in this article to discover the answer to this question and so much more.

Are Inversion Tables Safe For Seniors?

An Inversion Table is not meant to be used by everyone. After all, hanging upside down is uncomfortable and unfamiliar for human beings. Because of their age, the table can be even more uncomfortable for the senior population.

Seniors often have more health issues than others. They are at risk for falling and having serious injuries because of these falls. Seniors are more at risk of having heart disease, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other chronic medical issues.

In order for seniors to use The Inversion Table, they would need permission from their doctor, be healthy and able to handle the upside down motion, have a responsible assistant to help them on and off the table, use the minimum amount of time which is 1 minute and use beginner angles when on the table. If these conditions apply, then a healthy senior with only back pain may use The Inversion Table safely.

What Are the Benefits for Seniors Who Want to Use an inversion Table?

Studies have shown that using The Inversion Table for the recommended time of up to 2 minutes for 2 times each day at a 60 degree angle will significantly reduce lower back pain.

Other benefits to healthy seniors with only back pain who want to use The Inversion Table include: lowers stress levels, quality sleep, more energy during the day, better mobility, more flexibility and stronger joints.

What Are the Dangers to Seniors Who Want to Use the Inversion Table?

The Inversion Table can be very dangerous and harmful for most senior citizens. Seniors with glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease and other medical conditions should not be using The Inversion Table.

There have been instances of retinal detachments, headaches, strokes, worsening of arthritis problems and even death that have occurred after seniors have used The Inversion Table.

At What Age Should Healthy Seniors Stop Using an Inversion Table?

Should Seniors Use an Inversion Table
Should Seniors Use an Inversion Table

It is not recommended that seniors of any age use The Inversion Table except under certain circumstances that have been listed above.

Should Seniors Speak With Their Doctor Before Using an Inversion Table?

It is always recommended that seniors speak with their personal physical regarding their health and exercise programs before starting.

Your personal physician knows more about your medical health history than anyone. He can guide you into knowing and understanding if The Inversion Table is a good idea for you. He can give you a medical plan on how long to stay on the apparatus and how many minutes is recommended.

However, if your doctor says not to use The Inversion Table, you must listen to his advice and move on to another type of exercise or therapy that is better suited for your body.

How Can Seniors Who Want to Use The Inversion Table Learn More About the Table?

Before using The Inversion Table, healthy senior citizens must do their homework. Speak with your personal doctor to get approval first, Talk to a fitness expert to learn more about how to safely begin on the table. The store representative can also help you with setting up the table and how to strap yourself on the table and how to tip to certain angles and get off the table for optimal success.

If It Is Unsafe For Me To Use The Inversion Table, What Should I Do?

If it is unsafe for you to use The Inversion Table, then speak with your personal physician about other exercise or therapies that can be used safely for your body.

After all, safety is the most important thing when beginning an exercise program. An exercise program is meant to make your body stronger and not weaken your condition.

These are the most need to know answer to the question about the safety of Inversion Tables for the senior citizen population. Seniors are the most fragile population in the world. They have the most broken bones, weakened joints and chronic diseases and conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma and other severe health conditions.

The senior population must be careful about starting any exercise program or using any therapy that may worsen these conditions.

Seniors must speak with their personal physician and get approval before using The Inversion Table. They should be otherwise healthy, other than the back or neck pain that the table can help relieve. Seniors must have a responsible assistant to help them use The Inversion Table.

They should speak with fitness experts and the store representative about set up and how to get on and off the table and other detailed, important information about the table.

In most cases The Inversion Table is not recommended for senior citizens and is considered dangerous and harmful to use the table.

However, if you are a senior citizen who does decide to use The Inversion Table, begin slowly, and use the minimum amount of time which is 1 minute. Use milder angles and only increase to a higher angle when you have used the table for a few weeks.

It is probably not a good idea for you to try hanging completely upside down. And if you experience nausea or dizziness, let your assistant help you immediately get off the table and get some fresh air.

Getting into a quiet setting where you can get fresh air and breathing normally again will bring your heart rate back to normal and help you feel better again.


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