Can You Use An Inversion Table While Pregnant?

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An inversion table is a cushioned table that allows people to strap themselves in and tilt backward at an angle. The person can also tilt completely upside down which will help relieve pain associated with various spinal issues like back pain. An inversion table is a type of spinal traction.

The concept behind the table is that when you hang upside down, you will take pressure off your spinal nerves, which will give the disks between your vertebrae some room for resting.

Can You Use an Inversion Table While Pregnant
Can You Use an Inversion Table While Pregnant

How Do Inversion Tables Work?

When using an inversion table, you should relax the body and lie back, strapping yourself into the table to make you secure. After lying flat, you may tip over until the heel goes below your heart.

An inversion table should be used under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist or another person guiding you. A physical therapist will show you the best way to do the exercises and keep an eye on you.

Can A Pregnant Woman Use an Inversion Table?

It’s common to experience back pain when pregnant. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 59-70% of women go through back pain when pregnant. Although back pain may occur at different points in pregnancy, it’s more common when one is in the third trimester when the baby is rapidly growing in size.

An inversion table is used to help relieve back pain, but it has some associated risks when one is pregnant or has other medical conditions.  In keeping with using an inversion table while pregnant, On must also ask if you can you use an inversions table-when menstruating.

When a woman is pregnant, she may feel a gravitational force because of the baby’s extra weight. Even after the pregnancy, the effects persist for a long time. Gravitational force may cause herniation of the disk. When the mother does inversion therapy, they create zero gravity force to their spine where the spinal nerves gradually get rid of the pain.

In most cases, inversion therapy is done as a surgery replacement since it’s an effective pain reduction method. The exercise reduces the compression pressure around the mother’s spine and makes them as comfortable as they need. It also allows them to move for a long time.

What Are the Benefits of Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is done to reverse the gravity compression on a person’s spine. The exercise is done on an inversion table. The table usually has holders for the ankles that can adjust to various positions and tilt backward even when facing downwards.

The exercise may stretch out your spine and reduce pressure on your discs and nerve roots. Inversion therapy can also increase the vertebrae space. Some of the benefits associated with hanging upside down include:

  • Provides relief from back pain, scoliosis, and sciatica,
  • Improves spinal health
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces the need for a back surgery

You should keep in mind that there is not much proof to back the benefits of the therapy. Most studies done on the benefits of inversion therapy are on a small scale.

If you are pregnant, you are advised to do inversion therapy in the presence of a physical therapist who will help you do it in the right way. Pregnant mothers must exercise caution during inversion therapy to avoid getting hurt.

Risks Associated with Inversion Therapy

Hanging upside down is not safe for all people. When you hang upside down for a couple of minutes, your blood pressure increases, and the heartbeat slows down. You may also have increased pressure on the eye. Therefore, if you are pregnant and have the following conditions, you should avoid inversion therapy.

  • Hypertension
  • Heart condition
  • Glaucoma
  • Back fracture
  • Leg fracture
  • Brittle bones (osteoporosis)
  • Hernia

How Long Can a Pregnant Woman Hang Upside Down?

How Long Can a Pregnant Woman Hang Upside Down
How Long Can a Pregnant Woman Hang Upside Down

Hanging upside down for a long time can be dangerous for a pregnant woman because blood pools to your head. It would help if you started by hanging in a moderate position for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. After some time, you can increase your time by two to three minutes.

If you feel unwell, listen to your body and get back upright. Pregnant women need to be extra careful and take it slowly.


Inversion therapy is a popular technology that’s useful for health. Inversion therapy is a great way of relieving back pain when pregnant.

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