What To Look For In An Inversion Table

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  • Date: June 23, 2022
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Back pain can be severe and traumatizing, requiring prompt treatment to ease the pain. The good thing is that you don’t need a brick-and-mortar hospital for the treatment, but an inversion table at home can help you. But while that sounds like a good idea, how exactly do you get the best inversion table, and what should be your go-to features?

To get the best inversion table, assess your inversion table’s comfort level and its ergonomic design. Ensure that it has an efficient ankle system and anti-locking hinges. Besides, it’s good to determine its ease of assemblage and ease of use for seamless operation. Also, check if it’s FDA-registered and has a third-party certification for safety. Of course, you need the added perks, including warranties, guides, and tutorials, to make it more straightforward using it.

There’s more to what meets the eye when looking for an inversion table, and it’s not always about how aesthetically appealing it is. Therefore, this article will help you with what to look for in an inversion table the next time you purchase one.

1. Weight and Height Limit

Humans have varying heights, shapes, and sizes. And as such, manufacturers consider that a priority to enable everyone to find their best fit. Some inversion tables can be too tight with space and allowance, while others can be way bigger for your size. But what if you can’t decide on the best size to use after all? You can talk to your physical therapist to help you with the ideal specifications.

They’ll assess your height, gauge your weight and recommend the perfect inversion table. Most inversion tables support an upper weight limit of 300 pounds. However, others can handle more, so please do some due diligence. If your height ranges between 4 and 7 feet, there’s always the best size and fitting inversion table you can get.

2. Ease of Use

Sometimes, no one is around to lend you a hand while using an inversion table. Therefore, you must consider its ease of use, including how seamless it is to invert and revert. An easy-to-use inversion table is sturdy and offers safety guarantees since you have minimal chances of mishandling it.

They offer complete control with the best sizing in balance and rotation, and maintaining the angles is pretty straightforward. You should be able to use your hands to control your arc and shift your body while maintaining the position with ease.

3. FDA Registration

FDA-approved products have undergone rigorous tests and research, and people usually use them safely. Therefore, looking for this feature is a no-brainer. Here, there are no compromises if your need the most secure inversion table if safety is your priority. Besides, FDA-approved inversion tables have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they help with healing; none of that is a fallacy. However, always ensure that your inversion table has a stamped FDA logo to ascertain that it’s cleared or approved.

4. Third-Party Certification

Besides checking out the FDA logo, always ensure that your inversion table meets the essential manufacturing standards. That ensures your product is safer to use and that it won’t exacerbate your condition with poorly designed features. Therefore, check for an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) logo to ascertain safety and guarantee better services. UL is an independent product safety testing group and is the only authentic way to ensure that you carry home the best inversion table.

5. Durability and Quality

Of course, when buying an inversion table, you have in mind that it’ll last long before becoming a shell of itself. This durability comes from the materials building it and the framing structure used to help distribute your mass. Remember, you need assurance that your inversion table won’t come crashing down after a few weeks. Besides, you’re all for your safety, so why get a fragile inversion table?

With durability comes quality, and the better the quality of materials and design, the more durable your inversion table will be. You need products that offer the best value for your money, and a proficient inversion table guarantees that.

6. Upholstery and Comfort

While an inversion table having an upholstery feels comfortable, it minimizes functionality and compromises its decompression ability. Remember, the only best way to get rid of the pain is by elongation and stretching, and form or leather can hinder that, leaving you more exhausted and less relieved. Proper decompression helps open up the joints to re-hydrate the discs and relieve your nerve roots of the pressure to impact healing.

But since you also want to be comfortable as you invert, it becomes far-fetched if you don’t have upholstery material patched on the inversion table’s bed. The best alternative, therefore, is getting an inversion table with pliable beds. If your inversion table also has a lumbar bridge, it’ll go a long way toward making your inversions more comfortable.

7. Price and Warranties

It’d be best to get an inversion table worth the best bang for your dime. Therefore, be on the lookout for rip-outs since some inversion tables seemingly don’t deliver on their promise. One best way to ensure that is by checking the testimonials, customer reviews, and star ratings.

That should offer you a clear blueprint for getting the best inversion table matching price and quality. Some manufacturers still allow you to “Dry-fit” with few-minute tests to judge whether or not it’s your best fit, which is pretty much a good deal. Also, check out the warranties since some inversion tables come with faults on the manufacturer’s part, and you should be able to return them for repairs or replacements without charges.


Before getting your inversion table, do your due diligence to get one worth the best bang for your dollar. Some inversion tables are of excellent quality, and you don’t have to look hard into them. But essentially, ensure that you check if it’s FDA-approved or has a UL logo to guarantee safety. Of course, don’t miss out on the price, stick to your budget, and always ensure that it’s easy to assemble and use. Besides, your manufacturer should offer you a manual to guide you through seamless operations.


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