Does an Inversion Table Work?

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  • Date: July 6, 2022
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The short answer to this question is yes to the question do inversion tables work for neck pain and back pain. The great thing about Inversion Tables are that they are a great alternative treatment to medications or surgeries.

The Inversion Tables work through the use of gravity which helps to relieve pressure on your spine, vertebrae discs, hip area and other areas of your body as you hang upside down on the table.

Do inversion tables actually work
Do inversion tables actually work

With the high costs of medications and surgeries to help people who suffer from neck and back pain and other issues, people are looking for alternative treatments that are more cost effective. Along comes the Inversion Tables to the rescue to help people relieve stress in the areas of their bodies that lead to pain.

Inversion Tables are a viable way to significantly decrease pain in areas of your body. Read on in this article to read do Teeter Inversion Table work and see the benefits of using the table.

Benefits of Using an Inversion Table

There are many benefits that come from using The Inversion Table that include: decreases pressure on your joints, increases blood circulation, relieves stress on your spine and vertebrae discs, improves flexibility, raises mental alertness, improves posture, and decreases back and neck pain.

Decreases Pressure On Your Joints

The Inversion Table decreases pressure on your joints by providing distraction stretching that places space between your joints and relieves pressure. The downward motion on the table decompresses your joints and helps to diminish your joint pain.

Increases Blood Circulation

Long periods of sitting down will cause circulation problems in your legs and other parts of your body. The Inversion Table allows you to stretch your legs and allows blood circulation to flow through your body as it should.

Relieves Stress On Your Spine and Vertebrae Discs

The Inversion Table relieves stress on your spine and vertebrae discs by placing traction and space between the vertebrae discs which allows the discs to relax and relieve the pressure on your spine.

Improves Flexibility

Flexibility of your spine is important because it allows your joints to move freely which allows you to bend, pick up objects, and move in every direction. A strong spine and vertebrae discs are important to your body. An inversion Table allows your discs to decompress and have more space so that they can relax and give your spine relief from immobility and pain.

Raises Mental Alertness

Using an Inversion Table has been shown to decrease the severity of headaches. The table realigns the spine that can lead to muscle spasms,. As you hang upside down on The Inversion Table, increased blood flow goes to your brain which leads to decreased stress and increased mental alertness.

Improves Posture

The Inversion Table gives you a solid straight table to lay on that will help to improve your posture. Every day we bend, lift up objects, slouch and develop poor posture habits. Balancing on your Inversion Table will help to realign your spine to its normal state. A straight spine means a straight back and improved posture.

Decreases Back and Neck Pain

The Inversion Table works to realign your vertebrae discs that help to build a stronger spine. A stronger spine will help to relax your body and leads to decreased back and neck pain.

How Long Should I Exercise on an Inversion Table?

Experts recommend that you stay on The Inversion Table between 1 – 2 minutes for 2 times each day. However, you can check with your doctor who knows your health better than anyone, to see if you can do your Inversion Table exercises for a longer period of time.

What Population of People Cannot Use an Inversion Table?

Seniors are not recommended to use an Inversion Table. Also people who have heart disease, risk of strokes, high blood pressure, glaucoma or other underlying medical conditions. The best thing to do is speak with your physician if you have a chronic condition that could be worsened by use of The Inversion Table.

What is the Weight Capacity of an Inversion Table?

A normal Inversion Table has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. There are also extra large Inversion Tables that have a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Should I Speak With a Doctor Before Using an Inversion Table?

You should always speak with your personal doctor before starting any exercise regimen to ensure that it is a good fit for your condition and you. Your doctor can approve or disapprove of your use of The Inversion Table which is meant to be used as a way to reduce the femoral nerve pain in your body and give you a better quality of life.

These are some common answers to questions about if The Inversion Table works. The Inversion table is a great alternative treatment compared to medications and surgeries to correct conditions that lead to back, neck and other pain in your body.

Should I Speak With a Doctor Before Using an Inversion Table?
Should I Speak With a Doctor Before Using an Inversion Table?

Inversion Tables have been shown to decrease pressure on your spinal chord by decompressing and creating space between your vertebrae discs.

Patients who have been experiencing back and neck pain are praising Inversion Tables for relieving their pain and helping them get back to living a normal and higher quality of life. Hip pain can also be significantly decreased by using an Inversion Table.

If you are an otherwise healthy person and do not have underlying conditions like glaucoma, heart disease, or a senior citizen, or have glaucoma, then The Inversion Table may be just what you have been looking for to relieve the pain and stress in your body.

What to Think About When Using An Inversion Table

Remember to always speak with your personal doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. You may also want to speak with a fitness expert to get tips about The Inversion Table. Speak with the store representative about setting up your table, and other tips like strapping in securely, getting on and off the table and how to most effectively tip the table at different angles to do your exercises on the table.

Using these tools will ensue that you have a successful session that help you achieve your goal of minimizing the pain in your body.

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