Do Inversion Tables Make You Taller?

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  • Date: July 6, 2022
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Do inversion table increase height?

An inversion table assists you to hang securely in the ankles, putting your head first. When you use a flat surface, it is best to lie down and turn yourself fully or partially.
When a person turns 90 degrees, you can get perpendicular in the ground or have a much less incline.

The inversion table is attributed to lengthen the spinal cord and minimize tension in the muscles. The inversion table does not increase your height only, but also assist in conditions like scoliosis and lordosis. Another benefit is that it increases blood flow and eases tension in the muscles.

Do Inversion Tables Make You Taller
Do Inversion Tables Make You Taller

Do inversion tables increase height? Absolutely yes! This is a type of therapy that uses force which decompresses the spine. Either way, you have to be patient for height changes. An inversion table is the easiest way to increase height compared to surgery, health dieting and taking supplements.

It is also the safest since it doesn’t have negative side effects such as chemical option and surgery. Being a naturalist, an inversion table is less likely to cause body damage. Precaution must be taken sometimes since inversion table might cause severe back pains.  Some might also ask can inversion table cause stroke.

When using an inversion table, choose the incline angle that is most suitable for you. The best inversion is the full inversion which has tremendous changes on one’s height.
In the past, the inversion method was used to cure back pain but after sometime, medical practitioners realized that this therapy can increase one’s height.

An inversion table can be used two times a day to achieve best results. The other benefit of using this table is that it increases your flexibility too.

Inches That An Inversion Table Can Help You Achieve

When doing the decompression therapy on a daily, someone can achieve a height of 3 inches. You have to do the exercise correctly by strapping yourself on the inversion table while holding on the sides of the table. Apply a negative pressure to the spine and stretch the head closely to the ground.
The table has helped people with self esteem issues about their height.

Guide On How To Use The Inversion Table

  1. Adjust the table
    Begin by adjusting the table 2 or 3 inches above your height. Look for the pin on the side of the table so as to release the assembly up and down for the purposes of making adjustments. Align the hole to your liking.
  2. Be on the inversion table
    Get on the table and put your feet on the rollers. Concurrently, put your back against the backrest pad. Make sure the rollers are close to you so that you can secure your feet. Make sure your position is comfortable before starting the work out.
  3. Invert the body
    The minute you get the right momentum, raise your arm. The table moves backward by 25-30 degrees. Make sure to maintain a relaxed position. Gently lower the raised arms the table returns to its original state. Repeat the excises with the other arm.
  4. Increase the inversion
    Increase the length of the safety strap. Raise both of your aims and get inverted to sixty degrees. Don’t forget to breath in and out as it helps in cleaning your body.
  5. Oscillation
    This requires an individual to lower their arms. This helps the spine stretch and realign to the spinal column.
  6. Invert 90 degrees.
    Gently and slowly invert the table until you get perpendicular to the floor. Remain at the position for a few minutes. Stretch your shoulders until they are arched backwards. Still at the inverted position, stretch your foot to your limits. Maintain the position for a while and then do the same to the other foot.

After you are done with the exercise, minimize sudden movement in order to avoid injuries. Unstrap yourself from the table and pack the inversion table safely for next use.
Does the inversion table increase height? As above indicated, you can grow taller by 3 inches when using the inversion table. The therapy can be done twice a day to increase chances of increasing your height.

Nevertheless, seek medical advice before using the inversion table as it can cause back pains when the exercise is injuries. Unstrap with cardiological problems, are not advised to do the inversion therapy.

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