Does An Inversion Table Help The Lymphatic System

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Does an inversion table help the lymphatic system? The answer to this question may vary based on a number of different factors. Therefore, it is important that you do your research first, particularly if you want to take advantage of the benefits of the inversion table and what it offers to the body.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of information online about this and other similar topics. First off, to answer this question, you may need to begin your research by addressing what the lymphatic system is and how it affects the entire body.

And, then you need to know if the inversion table is good for correcting problems with this system and its functionality. That being said, here are some key things that you should be aware of.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system can be described as a network of organs and tissues in the body. This system is composed of a number of different things, including the lymph, lymph nodes, and lymphy vessels. It is the network that holds the essential keys to everyone’s health.

Therefore, it is important that everyone is familiar with how it works, and the overall impact on the body’s immune system. For instance, a healthy lymphatic system is one that circulates the lymphatic fluid throughout the body correctly.

You should also know that the circulation of this network can be accomplished in more than one way, particularly when the system is overwhelmed by harmful toxins in the body. For example, to get the lymphatic fluids moving throughout the body normally, you can exercise. Actually, the lack of exercise can severely compromise your lymphatic system if it is trying to fight off infections.

This is why exercise is highly recommended for boosting the immune system and fighting off toxins that the body cannot handle.

Does An Inversion Table Help The Lymphatic System
Does An Inversion Table Help The Lymphatic System

What is the Inversion Table and How Does it Work?

According to information published by contributors on WebMD, the inversion table has been designed to relieve a wide range of health and medical problems. In fact, there is research that backs ups many inversion table manufacturers’ claims. For instance, if an individual is suffering from sciatica, back pain, or kidney stones, the pain can be relieved by placing the individual in certain key positions.

One of the most beneficial is often described as using inversion therapy to help with relieving these and other similar disorders.

The concept behind these types of therapy involves the use of spinal traction. As such, when an individual is placed on an inversion table, they are being placed upside down in the air (on a flat table) to ease the pressure on the nerves and the disc of an individual’s spine.

In either case, this type of table is often used to create more space between the person’s vertebrae temporarily. Some people may even use the inversion table to stretch their joints and muscles so that they can relax.

Draining the Lymphatic System with Inversion Therapy

As you can see, there are many great benefits to using the inversion table. In fact, these benefits are also extended to the draining of the lymphatic system, too. For instance, some of the highly recommended exercises that get the fluid draining properly are those that help with pumping the fluid throughout the body.

Similar to the heart pumping blood through the body, the lymphatic system needs this same operation. And this is why the inversion table can be a great addition to the exercises people do regularly.

The Lymphatic System
The Lymphatic System

Though the inversion table and inexpensive trampolines are new to treating the lymphatic system, they can help the body in a number of ways. For instance, whenever an individual is positioned correctly on the inversion table, the natural effect of gravity will assist in facilitating lymphatic flow.

In fact, once this happens, the contraction of the muscles in the skeletal will cause the lymph to flow freely through the lymphatic vessels. This process will eventually result in the antibodies and the leukocytes in the lymphatic system fighting the infection.


Does an inversion table help the lymphatic system? According to respected health and medical sites like WebMD, the inversion table can help to relieve problems that affect the body. From alleviating chronic back pain to helping to increase the flow of the lymphatic system, doctors are using this type of therapy to assist in draining the lymphatic system.

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