Is An Inversion Table Good For Facet Joint Syndrome

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  • Date: November 15, 2022
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When dealing with Facet Joint Syndrome, it can sometimes feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to pain treatment. Still, there are often many pain treatment solutions that you can perform in the comfort of your own home, one of the treatment methods that are commonly used is the Inversion table.


The Inversion Table was first made famous in the early 1980s but studies have found that it dates back to the BC era when it was first discovered.


How is an Inversion Table positioned and how does it work?

When the table is placed, the angle can be adjusted to a certain degree of incline to provide a specific target area to the different intervertebral discs located along your spine, when a certain angle is set, there is an opening made between the facet joints, providing the necessary spinal fluid to flow within the joints and provide adequate lubrication.


Facet Joint Syndrome causes these joints to become inflamed due to the cartilage degenerating over time, causing less mobility, less natural lubrication, and more discomfort as the syndrome progresses.


Is an Inversion Table safe for me to use?


Normally if you have no other skeletal problems that exist within your body, you should be fine, but there are other precautions to take when engaging in this method of pain relief.

Is An Inversion Table Good For Facet Joint Syndrome
Is An Inversion Table Good For Facet Joint Syndrome

The feeling of dizziness


Having your body somewhat positioned upside down can quite often cause nausea and dizziness which leads to a potential hazard of losing your balance when coming off the table and hurting yourself, to avoid this have a support person assist you when you are ready to finish your session and guide you back to your normal balance.


The risk of further skeletal harm


If you have an underlying problem, either muscular or bone-related you may cause more harm than good, especially if a disc in your back is already suffering from previous trauma which is why it’s always advised to seek out medical guidance before performing any at-home pain relief.


How long do I have to use an Inversion table before I see results?


Starting with only a few minutes per day, you will notice small bouts of pain relief in the previously affected areas, continuing and remaining consistent with this practice can actually stave off the pain caused by Facet Joint Syndrome as you are manually allowing your body to self-lubricate those joints which no longer receive support.


Are there professional studies done on Inversion Therapy?


There have been many studies undertaken to provide sufficient evidence that Inversion Tables do provide adequate pain relief, according to a study done by the Annasaheb College in India has shown that when engaging in inversion therapy, there is a positive realignment of the vertebrae discs, an increase in activity within the lymphatic system and increased blood and better oxygen flow to the brain and organs, providing more positive effects than first thought.


Another study was done by the Hanseo University that observed significant pain improvement just within 8 weeks, proving that consistency pays off.


Will I feel permanent pain relief even after stopping?


Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix to Facet Joint Syndrome.


When the degenerative process has started, the minerals and natural lubrication already found between your joints are irreplaceable, requiring you to remain engaged in a pain relief treatment that engages the body for the long term.


Fortunately, remaining consistent with the Inversion Table technique can reduce your pain levels to almost pre-syndrome levels which provides hope in staving off immobility for as long as possible.


Where can I source an Inversion Table from?


If you have made a decision to invest in a table, there are plenty of outlets to get one from as its popularity has risen and continues to rise.


Take a look at your local sporing stores and online retailer, if you still cannot source one from there another option is to search online and find a high-quality Inversion Table that has been reviewed plenty of times and can guarantee it’s own quality.


In conclusion, an Inversion Table can provide absolute support in your back pain caused by FJS, even potentially replacing your previous pain medication and helping the problem at the root cause.

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