Can Inversion Table Make Back Worse

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Inversion tables are quite popular when it comes to back pain relief. Inversion therapy, also referred to as spinal traction does not offer long-term treatment, but it does give noticeable relief to people suffering from back pains or injuries.


How does an inversion table help with back pains?

Inversion therapy works by taking off gravity pressure from the spine when you turn your body upside down. The act of positioning your body in an upside mode also helps to stretch the spine and lengthen to sooth and relax muscles.


When to use the inversion table for the back?

Some of the patients advised to use an inversion table are people suffering from;


Chronic lower back pains

This can occur as a result of an injury to the lumbar area, or for people who tend to sit for long hours in the office. Inversion therapy is helpful by stretching the muscles and tissues of the lumbar to facilitate quick healing.


It improves the spinal cord and heals herniated discs

The act of stretching the spinal when the body is inverted does an amazing job of improving the spaces of the spinal discs; thus, relieving pressure on the entire spine, and spinal discs.


Improves good flow

On might ask will an inversion table help piriformis syndrome.  For people who may be suffering from Piriformis syndrome, an inversion table is recommended to help with good circulation in the injured areas.

Can Inversion Table Make Back Worse
Can Inversion Table Make Back Worse

A natural remedy

No one wants to undergo surgery as it can be risky and painful as well. Therefore inversion table helps by offering home therapy. People have reported to getting back relief after six weeks of using the inversion table.


Can inversion table make back worse?


An inversion table is like gym equipment. It will either give positive or negative results, depending on how you use it. There are also precautions that one needs to follow to get good and quick results without causing severe damage to the back. Some people have reported getting back pain worse after use an inversion table. This could be caused by


Extreme inversion

This is common to first-time users. It is recommended that you tilt your body to at least 15 degrees for about 5 minutes if you are a first-time user. You don’t need to strain your body too much and get your back muscles used to the inversion table.


Turning back up too quick

Turning your body to the upright mode can cause more harm to your back than good. The reasoning is, you will need to employ more pressure on your back when turning back to the right position. This, in return, results in more pain and can even cause spasms for people suffering from herniated discs. You also need someone around to assist you when turning your body back to a normal position.


Lack of enough support

Inversion tables are usually made with straps to secure our bodies on the table when inverting. So, failure to firmly secure your body on the table will result in you using your body’s strength to prevent slipping, which can be harmful to the back.


Using the inversion table too much

It is crucial to note that the inversion table does not heal back pains but does provide relief. Therefore, it is only recommended to use it to reduce the back. Avoid using the inversion table for too long, especially if you plan to use it more than once a day. For example, you can invert your body for 5 to 7 minutes twice a day. Or better yet, use it for 15 minutes a day.



Inversion tables are quite helpful when it comes to back pain relief. However, for long-term and effective results, you need to master the art of using these tables. First off, consult your doctor to determine if you are safe to use an inversion table or not. Buy the right inversion table and have someone by your side to help you when doing the therapy.

It is always good to start small to get your body used to the inversion table and do it moderately. Another thing worth noting is that inversion therapy is not a treatment, but rather, used for pain relief. Hence, you will still need to seek medical help, mainly if the problem becomes severe, or if you don’t get noticeable results in a short period.


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